What Was The Major Conflict Between Popes And Emperors?

Why do you suppose there was such conflict between kings or emperors and the pope during this period of history?


What were three problems that led to the fall of the Western Empire?

What was the conflict between popes and kings?

What main issues caused the struggle between the pope and the German emperors?

Who is more powerful the king or the Pope?

What power did the pope have?

Is the first pope in nearly 1300 years to have what distinction?

What was the main point of conflict between the Pope and the leaders of the Holy Roman Empire?

How did the church became so powerful?

What power did the pope have in medieval times?

Why did popes and kings argue?

How did conflict between popes and emperors affect Italy?

Did the Pope rule the Holy Roman Empire?

Why did the king seek forgiveness from the Pope?

How was the conflict between Pope Gregory and Henry resolved?

Is the pope considered a king?

What authority did popes have that Kings did not?

Who might a pope choose to excommunicate?